Def3 & Factor – Wildlif3

Wildlif3 is the brand new album from Def 3 & Factor. Forget about Drake this is real Canadian hip hop. Def3 and Factor have been working together for a while and have consistently created quality music. Def3′s appearances on the various compilation albums Factor has released have always been standouts for me. Their 2009 album Drumbo has also maintained regular plays over the past 5 years.

Wildlif3 is basically what I expected, there is nothing drastically different from what they have done in the past, it’s a solid hop hop album with intelligent playful lyrics. It does sound a little more polished than Drumbo which I believe was compiled from songs recorded over time rather than conceived as an album. The guest appearances all compliment Def3 well, in particular I like the tracks with Shad and Ceschi. Satellite featuring Ceschi has raps that are a little faster than others on this album which is offset with the deep voice of Cam The Wizard on the hook. The Truth with Shad is a really nice pairing, two MC’s who always sound real and honest without the bravado that is common in hip hop.

Wildlif3 is available now through Urbnet. The art design for the album is done by my good friend Andrew McAlpine.