Young Planet – New Fast Automatic

Young Planet is New York based rapper Cidida and producer Eibol. New Fast Automatic is a free album they released earlier this year. New Fast Automatic follows their previous album, Ludwig Can You Hear Me which is also a free download.

In 2005 Eibol released his only solo album Karma Kingdom on the now defunct Fingerprint Records. Amongst the many great albums from the Fingerprint crew this has always been my favourite, almost 10 years on, it is something that I still enjoy listening to. When I first heard Eibol and Cidida were releasing their Ludwig Can You Hear Me album I was really excited but on first listen I was a little disappointed as Eibol does not rap on this album. This disappointment did not last long as Cidida is a very skilled MC.

Previous to working with Eibol, Cidida had made a name for himself as a battle rapper (there are a few Youtube videos out there is him doing his thing).¬† Freestyle battle rap does not always translate well to recorded material but thankfully in Cidida’s case his written raps are intelligent well thought out songs with rapid delivery and often witty lyrics. Cidida’s delivery is similar to Eibol’s from Karma Kingdom which leads me to believe they worked together to write these songs. On the Young Planet album Eibol has some small vocal parts on most tracks usually singing on the hook.

You can and should download New Fast Automatic from their website.