Swervedriver – Deep Wound

The last release of new material from psych/shoegaze band Swervedriver was all the way back in 1998 with “99th Dream”. A decade and a half later they’ve resurfaced with a new single in “Deep Wound”. Though it hasn’t been completely quiet on the Swervedriver-front. Ever since the band split frontman Adam Franklin has been churning out album after album either with his solo/Toshack Highway material or his other side projects Bolts of Melody and Magnetic Morning.

There have been hints that new material could be coming. In 2007 the Oxford quartet reunited with a tour that focused heavily on their first two albums “Raise” and “Mezcal Head” which were both considerably louder than their latter material. So it should be no surprise that “Deep Wound” contains the same driving energy as seen on those albums. The b-side “Dub Wound” is an alternate arrangement of the title track more in the vein of Franklin’s work with his “other” band Bolts of Melody and is every bit as good as the a-side.

It’s nice to see Swervedriver all revved up. “Deep Wound” is a worthy follow-up to a great legacy. A full-length is expected to follow in late 2014.