Anderson Paak – Cover Art

Anderson Paak is a singer, producer and sometimes rapper based out of LA. The first time I heard of him was via some recent posts on Instagram and Twitter from other LA rappers Parker , Nocando and Verbs. After a little research I realised I had probably heard of him before but under his former name Breezy Lovejoy (and just never checked him out because the name did not catch my attention). I was surprised to see he and a few other artists that I have been meaning to check out have releases on Hellfyre Club’s bandcamp. I have included the Cover Art below which features his electro soul style covers of folk and rock songs.

Since first hearing his name about one month ago he has released two songs that really caught my attention, his single Drugs and Realla which is the first single from the new TOKiMONSTA album. The TOKiMONSTA connection was a curious one until I found out listening to this Kinda Neat interview that he isĀ one quarter Korean and his wife is Korean. This also provides the link between him and Parker aka Dumbfounddead who he has worked with on a few songs. Also from the Kinda Neat interview Anderson mentioned working on his new album and having just finished producing a new Watsky album (you can see and hear him drumming and singing on Ink Don’t Bleed).