Kill Matilda

Twenty Questions or Less with Kill Matilda

We sent Kill Matilda some questions via e-mail and they sent us their responses.

Who are you and where are you from?

We are Kill Matilda from the snowy northern wastelands of Canada!

Why should anyone listen to your music?

There are a lot of people that shouldn’t listen to our music actually; people with delicate sensibilities, people who are boring and lame, and people who will inevitably not survive a zombie apocalypse. Those who should listen to our music include freaks, weirdos, perverts, degenerates, really sexy people and survivalists. Not only will you learn tips and tricks for revenge, zombie annihilation and how best to get drunk on a Friday night, but you’ll also be able to shake your ass and have a lot of fun while learning all that!

If you were to barter your record for one by a different artist, which other record do you think would be a fair trade?

We are down to trade music with any band able to play a live show with us and brave enough to approach us after. We give every CD a listen on the way home from the show.

If you had to describe your sound as one of the Muppets, which one would it be?

We would be more a muppet-malgamation. A franken-muppet, if you will. We would have the hands and drumsticks of Animal, the glazed expression of and meep meep of Beaker and the sassy hips of Miss Piggy

If your band was stuck on a deserted island, who would survive the longest and why?

We live and die as a unit.

Where can people find you next?

Literally almost any state in the US. You can find all show information at