Hail Mary Mallon – Bestiary

Hail Mary Mallon is Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic. This is their second album as a duo. Their first album Are You Gonna Eat That? was released in 2011. I gave their first album a few listens when it was release and while I liked what I heard it did not really catch my attention. I remember listening to it while riding public transit, having mostly listened to this new album mostly on headphones while walking I realise Hail Mary Mallon certainly is a better fit for a workout than a relaxing listen.

On this new album Aesop and Rob playfully trade witty but mostly pointless rhymes. There are a lot of great one liners but not a lot of insight or story telling. The storytelling on this album comes form several skits throughout the album that tell the story of the of the bowling alley fundraiser. The skits are short and witty yet they are able to tell a tale that could almost be made into an entertaining movie.

If you like your beats banging and your rhymes rapid fire Hail Mary Mallon is for you. They’re full album is on Youtube in full and you can listen below. I do recommended though listening to this album on the the go whether that be at the gym, walking or as you cooking soundtrack just make sure your not sitting down.