Spooky Black

I first heard of Spooky Black aka Lil Spook from Blockhead’s Phat Friend blog in a post aptly titled “Ready to be confused?”. When I later posted the video for Without You to Facebook my brother asked me if my account had been hacked. My Faceboook post received no likes.

Spooky Black is one of them musicians who you may write-off based solely on the first 10 seconds of a Youtube video, this is a shame because if you listen and don’t look he’s actually pretty good. After hearting a couple of songs on Youtube I looked up Spooky Black’s Soundcloud at the time he only had about 1000 followers I have seen that grow consistently since. At the time of writing this post he is close to 40,000 followers, obviously a few others have given him a chance and like what they heard.