Avem – Nerdin About Birdin

“All guitar strums were down” Avem proudly announces in the liner notes of their EP Nerdin About Birdin. For the uninitiated, Avem has embraced Ramonescore – a sub-genre of a sub-genre that embraces the fast, furious and melodic sound of the Ramones. Avem’s other gimmick (and I’m totally burying the lede here) is their preference for writing songs exclusively about birds – and usually from the perspective of them.

Opener “Bower Of Love” is an ode to the mating ritual of the Bowerbird. “Go Away” (not all downstrokes – also admitted in the liner notes) explores the effect of global warming on birds’ migration patterns. Album highlight “Cloacal Kiss” – set in 3/4 time – is the tragic tale of a romantic encounter derailed prematurely by the other bird’s untimely and unexplained demise. Our hero is left searching for answers. My heart weeps.

Avem has the uncanny ability to spin a good yarn around a catchy melody while simultaneously pushing some compelling social commentary. Nerdin About Birdin is a worthwhile companion piece to last year’s Three Birds Stoned. Highly recommended.