Amon Amarth - Under the Influence

Amon Amarth – Under the Influence

It’s pretty common practice for a band to release a covers record. But a record of knock-offs?

Amon Amarth included “Under the Influence” as a bonus disc to their album “Deceiver of the Gods.” It was intended as an homage to their “influences” Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Motorhead and AC/DC. Instead of outright covering the bands, they wrote all-new originals in the style of their predecessors. The results are nothing short of hilarious.

The first track, “Burning Anvil of Steel” is a fist-pumping, head-pounder much in the vein of “British Steel”-era Judas Priest. Vocalist Johan Hegg retains his trademark growl but adopts Priest singer Rob Halford’s affectations. The second track “Satan Rising” apes the doominess of early Black Sabbath while “Snake Eyes” is standard-fare Motorhead.

The highlight of the album is “Stand Up To Go Down” which is as sleazy as anything AC/DC ever wrote, with the subject lusting after a giant of a woman “measuring in at just over 7 feet”.

Considering Amon Amarth’s extensive catalogue of deadly-serious Viking-themed death metal, it’s surprising to see that they have such a good sense of humour. “Deceiver of the Gods” was already a pretty good record. If you grab it, make sure to get the deluxe edition with the bonus disc. You’ll be glad you did.