SIANspheric - The Owl

SIANspheric – The Owl

Last week I wrote about Swervedriver’s new single “Deep Wound.” I should’ve known SIANspheric wouldn’t be far behind with a 7″ of their own in “The Owl”. (SIANspheric and Swervedriver frontman Adam Franklin shared a double-EP compilation back in 2003).

The title track is a glorious, dense, murky trip through space as can only be delivered by the Hamilton-based act. However, I don’t remember SIANspheric being this *sludgy*. Chalk it up to a decade in hibernation, I guess. The guitars buzz along one colossal riff as the track ebbs and flows (no dying this time.) The b-side “Smokin’ Richie” is a low-tempo piece of fuzzy bliss and the closest thing you’ll ever get to a ballad from these guys.

I’m not sure if this is a sign of more to come, or if it’s just a death rattle from a long-dormant band. Either way, “The Owl” is a must-listen for SIANspheric fans.