Sludge Factorie – Black Order of the Theozoa

Sludge Factorie is a new project from veteran Chicago abstract rapper V8 and producer Morbidly-O-Beats. I guess this would be classed as an EP clocking in at just under 20 minutes. It is described on their bandcamp page as ghettotech hip hop/sludge rap.

What is sludge rap you ask? Well this feels like a bit of a throw back to that early 2000′s Anticon sound which is definitely a welcome sound. The beats are slow and dirty. The raps are weird and abstract. I have heard V8 before, with heartfelt raps over jazzier sample based beats from Shortrock, but this his a darker more experimental sound. V8 has a very distinctive voice that works well on these darker/sludgier beats.

Morbidly-O-Beats production reminds me of Anticon’s Odd Nosdam. It sounds like the beats have come from old tapes rather than reproduced by a computer. This sound aesthetic is put to good use against V8′s abstract raps and the vocals have been chopped and distorted to provide an overall feeling of .. well .. sludge rap.