Noah 23 – Street Astrology

It’s the 23rd and Noah 23 is back with a new release. Just one month after his Light Years release with David Klopek, the Twiz Thrizzy has a new “pay what you like” album.

As I mentioned in the Light Years post Noah is a prolific musician that is capable of putting out vast quantities of music and sometimes the quality suffers. This is not Noah’s best work but it’s still very good. Noah can rap for days and mix up his styles and flow enough to keep it interesting. Noah has done an excellent job of curating the beats to make an album that sounds consistent listenable.

I saw Noah put out a call on Twitter a few months back for producers to submit beats for a new project. This album is a collaboration with various producers I’ve never heard and is possibly a result of that Twitter call.

Much of the album is produced by (and it’s also mastered by) LA producer Nedarb Nagrom. I have never heard of Nedarb Nagrom but he seems to have a lot of beats up on his bandcamp that are just waiting for the right rapper to lay some vocals over. He looks very young but the quality and quantity of what he has on his bandcamp page leads me to believe we could be hearing more from him.