Live on Recovery

One of the great things about today’s internet is when you want to reminisce about some TVĀ  show from your youth you can probably find it available online. Recently I was thinking of the first time I heard the band Secret Chiefs 3. It was on an Australian music show titled Recovery that aired on Saturday mornings. Upon doing a search fro “live on recovery” I was instantly reminded of so many Saturday mornings and so many great bands.

It turns out the Secret Cheifs 3 performance was very early in the existence and almost 20 years on they are still doing their instrumental middle eastern surf rock metal thing. Another great video I found is of Beastie Boy influenced Avalanches performing songs from their first EP. This is before their breakthrough album Since I Left You.

There are so many more entertaining performances from the late 90′s. Do a Youtube search for “live on recovery” and relive some great moments.