Purson - In The Meantime

Purson – In The Meantime

Purson is a psychedelic rock band hailing from London, England. Led by vocalist/guitarist Rosalie Cunningham, the band has gained international exposure with their first full-length album, The Circle and the Blue Door (2013). This album showcased eleven memorable, diverse tracks with a solid foundation in progressive rock and proto-heavy metal of the early 1970s. The Circle and the Blue Door was well-received and had a familiar, pleasing quality that transcended the status of “copycat”. How will this band evolve? It remains to be seen. However, capitalizing on the last album’s success, Purson has released a follow-up: In the Meantime.


The band’s latest offering complements their last album nicely. Cunningham once again captivates listeners with her harmonious, catchy vocal hooks. This can be heard on the album’s rather poppy single, “Death’s Kiss”. Other songs contain a variety of influences: there are rock numbers with an unmistakable doomy, Black Sabbath-sounding guitar drone; psychedelic Deep Purple-ish keyboard/synthesizers; and folkie ballads, reminiscent of Jethro Tull and Uriah Heep. Heck, “I Will Be Good” has an embedded Dick Dale, surf rock feel.


In the Meantime feels like it has been structured to emulate a classic .45 single. “Death’s Kiss” and “Danse Macabre” comprise the first side. They are the more tasteful and straight forward tracks probably intended as sellable singles. The second side has “Wanted Man” and “I Will Be Good” which are less structured, more progressive and quite psychedelic.


It seems likely that the songs on this release will be exclusive to this EP. Therefore, In the Meantime should be sought out as it is worth hearing. It is recommended to those who enjoyed  The Circle and the Blue Door as well as early ‘70s rock and heavy metal. Notable track: “Danse Macabre”.