Night Demon

Night Demon – S/T

The past couple years have been great for NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) throwback bands. Between Enforcer, Phantom, Skull Fist, Striker, Christian Mistress, Holy Grail and many, many more, there’s been reason for much rejoicing in old-school metal circles. I’m happy to add California-based Night Demon to the list. I gave their self-titled EP a listen and was extremely pleased with the results.

Taking a cue from legendary NWOBHM band Diamond Head, Night Demon uses an array of repeated riffs and speed – lots of speed – to their advantage. Containing a scant four tracks, the hyper-charged title track, the even *faster* “Ritual”, the chugging “Ancient Evil” and the slow-groove “The Chalice”, the EP goes by too quickly. Perhaps sensing this, the band reissued an extended version with covers of the so-fast-it’s-stupid-but-in-a-good-way “Axe Crazy” by Jaguar, Golden Earring’s “Radar Love” and – fittingly – Diamond Head’s “Lightning To The Nations” as well as a live version of “Ritual”.

With mind-melting riffs, an 80′s aesthetic that keeps all of the fun and none of the cheese and an authentic (if not exactly original) sound, Night Demon should appeal to all fans of the genre. With a full-length on the way in 2015, there’s plenty of reason to get excited.