David Newberry

David Newberry – No One Will Remember You

What do you get when you take an intelligent kid from a small Ontario town and move him to BC with a guitar in hand? You get David Newberry, one of Canada’s best kept folk secrets.

“No One Will Remember You” is David’s second full-length album and picks up where the great “When We Learned The Things We Learned” left off, perhaps with a little more volume added. As where the first album is maybe more “traditional” folk, “No One Will Remember You” feels slightly more diverse and a little more fun.

From the opening track “All The Apples In The Basket”, lamenting the loss of great musicians, to the closing duet with Corbin Murdoch of the nautical miles, “To Hope”, David delivers an albums of simple, catchy tunes. Personally, tracks like the uplifting title track, the amazing “So It Goes” and the haunting “English Bay” will always be on whatever music listening device I am currently using.