Tales From the Bargain Bin: De La Soul – Saturdays

Over the weekend I did a surprising amount crate digging. I had a little break from the city and spent a couple of days checking out some small towns in south western Ontario. I had no intention of looking for records but I found plenty, most were from one store that had thousands of records for $1 each. The first one I picked up was from another location and not exactly a bargain but a really good find, De La Soul’s “A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays”.

I have a couple of other De La Soul records from their Prince Paul era that I purchased way back in the 90′s so I knew this record would have plenty of quality bonus material. I was not disappointed. The first song on the record titled “What Yo Life Can Truly Be” is a Native Tongues collaboration featuring Dres, ATCQ and a sweet Woody Woodpecker sample. The record also features Vinia Mojica who is appears on the “Keepin The Faith (Straight Pass Mix)” which is a B side on the “Millie Pulled a Pistol On Santa” record that came out around the same time.

Here they are a couple of great De La Soul B sides you may have never heard.