Bat - Live

Bat / Chainbreaker / Midnight Malice – Live

It was a night of fast and furious thrash metal at the Bovine Sex Club last Thursday. Rose Management has been putting together a steady slew of metal-oriented nights over the past year or so and a scene has developed.

First up was Midnight Malice, now a trio,with guitarist/vocalist Caleb Beal handling all of the guitar duties and Tom Gervais (also of The Rough Boys) stepping in on bass. The band was as tight as ever as they sped through a set of high-octane bangers.

Up second was Chainbreaker, featuring Ian Chains from Cauldron, who managed to play faster and nastier than Malice. Vocalist Rob Ouelette, sporting a thick moustache and a pair of aviators, stomped back and forth across the stage while pumping his fist and unleashing shrill screams.

Headlining the set was Bat from Richmond Virginia. By this point, the room was filled with denim-clad headbangers and Bat was able to rile up a good pit. They played a thrash-heavy set and ended with a cover of Venom’s “Live Like an Angel, Die Like a Devil.”