Taxi Girls – Coming Up Roses

Taxi Girls is a power trio from Montreal. After seeing them perform at Pouzza Fest earlier this year my first instinct was to compare them to west coast indie darlings Cub, but after a few listens I realize I’m way off-base.

Taxi Girls’s debut EP Coming Up Roses has five tracks on display. Opener “After Effect” has the perfect blend of garage-y stomp and a fuzzed out wall-of-sound. Short-but-sweet “Sunshine” relies on harmonies, a big hook and… sweetness. “Good Grace” has some snarl to it, bringing to mind late-80’s/early-90’s riot-grrl bands without outright imitating them. “Hands Off” is exactly what the title suggests and “Stay With Me” is fizzy bubblegum pop at its best.

Catchy, fuzzy, fresh. Cub wishes they made this record.