Are We Not Men?

Doomriders / Sweet Cobra – Are We Not Men?

One of the great things about Record Store Day is that bands are willing to step out of their comfort zone and release some neat stuff. My favourites are the gimmick 7″s. Sometimes you’ll have the original as the a-side and a cover on the b-side (i.e. Killswitch Engage covering Holy Diver) Other times you’ll have bands covering each other (Mastodon and Feist turned the trick) In this case, we have two bands paying homage to new-wave pioneers Devo.

The a-side is Doomriders tackling “Girl U Want.” It’s a happy medium between Devo’s original which was light and peppy and Soundgarden’s super-slow and super-heavy cover.

The b-side is Sweet Cobra’s version “Gates of Steel” which is mostly just a thicker and fuzzier version of the original, but still nicely done.

Even if you’re only a casual collector, this high-quality 7″ is lots of fun and a great addition to any collection.