TOKiMONSTA – Desiderium

Los Angeles beat maker TOKiMONSTA has a new album out today titled Desiderium. The sound is very similar to her album from last year titled Half Shadows. I would class this as electronic and not really dance music as it does not sacrifice the composition trying to build up to a drop.

I like Half Shadows but now that I have had it for a while I find myself skipping a few tracks. My favourites from Half Shadows were the tracks with vocalists. The new album has vocals on every other track and even the instrumentals make use of vocal samples. The samples and the featured vocalist all have a soft and breathy sound that makes for a consistent sound throughout the album.

I mentioned the first single titled Realla in my post last month on Anderson Paak. From the couple of listens I have had today Realla is probably my favourite track. Overall the album is solid from beginning to end and TOKiMONSTA has certainly refined her sound.