The Wyld – Abstract

The Wyld are a trio from New Zealand who blend rock and hip hop to create a unique sound. I first heard of these guys via Oddisee which is funny considering their break out song is titled Odyssey. Turns out their song Odyssey was used by McDonalds for a commercial aired during the Sochi Olympics which obviously helped them garner new fans. In the past I may of had a problem with a musicians song being used for advertising but if it gets them more exposure and does not compromise their artistic integrity, who cares?

I am not exactly sure what the connection between The Wyld and Oddisee is but I do look forward to finding out. Oddisee often appears on Brandon’s Instagram and Mo’s Instagram. It is possible that I may be a sucker for black and white photos and video but to me that The Wyld have a really nice visual aesthetic with how they present themselves.

So, let’s talk about the music. Often when musicians try to combine rock and rap one sounds wins out over the other. With The Wyld they seem to have found a balance where both sounds are able to establish themselves. It’s not a rock song with a rap verse and it’s not a rap song with a rock chorus. This sounds likesĀ  a simple formula but to my ears it’s rare that this balance is found.