Mononegatives – Crossing Visual Field

Crossing Visual Field – the latest from London-based post-punkers Mononegatives – is the record we thought people would be making in the future back in the 80’s. While we now have scarily-accurate facsimiles of songs by famous artists created by computers, Mononegatives produces robotic machine music meticulously hand-crafted by people.

Sounding like the answer to the question “what if The Buzzcocks were abducted by aliens and replaced by evil robots?” Rob Brake’s heavily processed vocals are delivered in simple, staccato bursts. David Cereghini’s drums are paradoxically steady yet chaotic. Bassist Aaron Wallis delivers dissonant dread-inducing fuzzy lines.

Each track sees the trio tinkering with a different sound, synth or effect, giving each song its own distinct personality without veering too far from the strongly established motif. Standout “Bel-Pre” delivers the nihilism and catharsis of Ceremony-era Joy Division.