Young Planet – Snow Ocean

Young Planet is New York hip hop duo Cidida and Eibol. This is their third release together, I really enjoyed the previous releases have continued to listen to them regularly since their release. They have a consistent and clean sound which is both a blessing and a curse. This album sounds a lot like the previous releases and if you played them on random it would be difficult to pick which album each song is from.

Their songs are of a high quality with intelligent well thought out lyrics with some witty word play and catchy hooks. The beats have a  modern hip hop sound balanced with cinematic arrangements. From a couple of listens this album seems lyrically a little more playful and poetic than their previous release which was had some songs that were more direct with their message.

While I do like the sound they have put together I can’t help but want to hear some jazzier beats (like we heard on Eibol’s Karma Kingdom album) and I feel like these two could make a more conceptual album. That said I can listen through all their songs and not skip any so it’s not that they need to change anything.

It’s a free download as were their two previous releases if you like it be sure to check out their other albums available from the Young Planet website