Poison Fountains – Terminal

If you ever wondered “what would the Misfits sound like if Danzig got into sci-fi instead of horror?” have I got an album for you. While it’s a blink-and-you-miss-it affair (9 tracks in 15 minutes) Poison Fountains’s Terminal is hooky enough to rope you in for a second listen. And a third. You get the idea…

“I get off online / do it all the time” proclaims vocalist/bassist Haile Dubious in the chorus of his ode to internet pornography “Terminally Online.” But his tongue is firmly planted in his cheek. Such lechery can only be taken so seriously on an album with songs like “Robot Side-Chick”. Meanwhile “Head In A Bag” consists of the title repeated over and over.

At the live show the camp factor is in full effect. Dubious is rarely seen without sunglasses, guitarist Mark Kalinski activates his fog machine with the same fervour as a teenager clutching a box of contraband firecrackers while drummer Westley Cheezeburgers keeps a photo of Rick Astley proudly taped to the front of his bass drum.

Punchy, frenetic and overall fun. Check this out.